Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mary Magdalene Workshops in the U.K.

On Wednesday, March 16, I will be heading to the U.K. to teach Psychic Development classes, to give intuitive readings, and to faciliate my new Wisdom of Mary Magdalene Workshops (Empowering the Divine Feminine).  The first leg of my journey will be in the Lyme Regis area, March 18 - 21.  I will be begin with an Introduction to Psychic Awareness on Friday evening.  On Saturday, I will be teaching Clairaudience (Psychic Hearing) and Channeling in the morning, followed by the MM Workshop in the afternoon.  On Sunday there is a private gathering of Essenes at which I have been asked to speak.  Then on Monday, I will be giving private intutitive readings to clients.

The following weekend, March 25 - 27, I will be in Glastonbury teaching a similar schedule at Daisy Centres Angelic Healing Retreat: Intro to Psychic Awareness on Friday evening, Clairsentience (Psychic Feeling) and Psychometry and MM workshop on Saturday, followed by private readings on Sunday.

On Thursday evening, March 31, I will be speaking and doing a double class of Intro to Psychic Awareness and the MM Workshop for the Soul Group at Dennington Hall, in Dennington, Suffolk, followed the next day with readings on Friday, April 1.

The last weekend of my trip will find me in the Birmingham area, teaching MM in the morning and doing readings in the afternoon in Tamworth, at the Cottage Healing Centre, on Saturday, April  2.  On Sunday, I will be in Telford at Cordingley Hall, teaching Clairaudience and the MM Workshop.  Admission includes both classes and a catered lunch.  Then on Monday, April 3, I will finish up with private readings at same place.

For more information and details about my schedule, classes and readings, please visit my website:

I will do my best to post the progress of my trip, if not while I am there, then definitely afterward.  So keep checking back for updates!

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